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Hosting features

Unlimited bandwith, unlimited backups, up to 10 stages, 5GB on disk space.

  • cloud-hosting

    AWS™ cloud server

    We take care of the performance, server size and bandwidth burst with Amazon Cloud.

  • stage-cloning

    Staging & Cloning

    The convenient way to make changes to your site in a separate, private environment.

  • one-click-backups

    One click backups

    Create and restore a backup with just one click and nothing will ever get lost again.

  • multisite-support

    Ready for Multisite

    All our powerful features work perfectly with WordPress Multisite.

  • auto-scaling

    Auto scaling

    You don’t have to worry about traffic peaks. Our auto scaling environment takes care of it.

  • powerful-cache

    Powerful Cache

    We know that speed matters. So we are proud to offer Varnish cache by default.

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